Why choose Artistic Paver?


Elegant, rich, classy, and natural looking.

Artistic Pavers have colors and textures that enhance the look of your pool and deck. They are not colored "porous block type" bricks that you would expect to see in a driveway.

No Cracks

Won't crack like concrete slabs.

Unlike a poured concrete deck, our interlocking pavers are a flexible decking system. Installed over sand our pavers can move with shifting ground conditions eliminating all the problems associated with cracked concrete decking.

Pavers are easy to replace if scratched or damaged, unlike painted concrete decks. Patching and/or matching a painted or sprayed deck color after the original installation is very difficult and usually produces poor results. Our pavers are easier to replace with more uniform results.


Smooth surface, not too slippery wet or dry.

The surface of our pavers is designed for pool and patio decks. Our pavers are comfortable to walk on, not rough on your bare feet wet or dry.
Our products enhance safety on decks, they are very hard to slip when wet and they have a safe beveled edge that prevents stubbed toes.

Beveled Edges

The beveled edge on our pavers prevents stubbed toes, and simplifies installations.

The beveled cushioned edge on our pavers help to prevent tripping hazards and aids the installer in the leveling process of the paver installation. Pavers without beveled edges are more difficult to level in sand set installations.


Cool on the feet.

The materials in our pavers allow them to remain cool on the surface even in extremely hot climates. In fact, in areas of Arizona, the surface temperature of our concrete pavers has been measured to be as cool as or cooler than acrylic decking material. The lighter the color of our product, the cooler the deck surface.

Saltwater? no problem!

Perfect for pools with saltwater chlorination systems.

Saltwater from pools that use chlorinators will not damage our decking because our pavers and coping products are manufactured at a high density, making them impervious to damage from saltwater pools. Many natural and manmade products require the pool deck to be sealed to avoid saltwater chlorination damage, algae, or mildew growth, we don't.


Very dense non-porous. Impervious to algae and mildew.

During manufacturing we pressurize our pavers with a working pressure of over 1 million pounds per square inch. This highly dense product resists staining and helps to prevent algae and mildew from attaching itself to the surface of the product. Our pavers require very little maintenance.

Quality at a small price.

Artistic Pavers offer a significant upgrade in quality and appearance for a small price.

Your pool decking is the most prominent feature on your pool, and you will be looking at your pool deck for many, many years to come. Typically for about 5% of the pool price you could upgrade your pool in the area where it matters most!

Architectural uses

Artistic Pavers have architectural uses that allow it to be used as a laminate or veneer.

Artistic pavers can be used for architectural and decorative uses such as fountains, raised walls on pools, benches, planters etc... This ensures that materials used for specialty accent features will coordinate with the Artistic Paver decking material.

Quick delivery nationwide.

Quick delivery nationwide.

Artistic Pavers' two factories, one on the East Coast, United States and one on the West Coast, United States, are strategically located to provide quick delivery to the United States as well as Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico.
We keep a large inventory of our standard pavers for fast delivery. Most of our standard pavers are ready for delivery. Please call for a status on pavers that are not in stock. Our stock status changes daily, so if you need something in a hurry give us a call! 

Super Dense

More than three times the density of regular concrete slabs.

Sealing is Optional

Because of additives and the high density of our pavers, algae
and mildew have a difficult time
growing on our product.

No Cracked decks

Regular poured concrete decks
and porcelain tile decks crack.
Artistic Pavers flex between
pavers avoiding cracks.

Cool on your feet

Our light colored pavers are
typically much cooler than
most other deck surfaces.

Salt pools, no problem

No deterioration from salt water

Non-porous pavers

Resistant to algae and Mildew.