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• Promotional products are limited in size, please refer to the size listed above.
• All sales are final. Pavers are sold as-is and no returns or refunds. Please contact your sales rep for full details.
• Promotional products have no warranty.
• Paver are calibrated to achieve a uniform thickness of an approximately 1-5/8".

• Artistic Pavers products are manufactured in metric sizes and are rounded to the closest size equivalent in English Units.
• The 4x8 border pavers should be used strictly as border material.
• The Shellock®️ collection has natural shells embedded at different distances from the surface of the paver or coping, and then polished. Therefore, a small percentage of the shells are expected to come loose from the surface and edges of the tile. This occurrence will diminish over a short span of time and in no way will affect the strength of the products.
• Because of color dye and natural raw materials inconsistencies, products will have color shade and texture variations.
• Please expect variations in colors and some chipping and non-perfect edges. These details are intended to enhance the appearance of our pavers.
• Pavers should be installed from several pallets at a time to maintain the best color consistency.
• Due to the diversity in the natural aggregates used to make our pavers, the difference in aggregates in each plant and other elements beyond our control, the colors seen on printed material or published on our website may not exactly match the exact color of the paver. Before you make your decision, we recommend verifying your selection at your local Artistic Paver retailer.